Restrained in chains

I restrain your body here & now, forever I keep you as my slave pet into this cave, rest easy, rest assured, I ain't letting you go, trinkle here, trinkle there, move to here, move to there, I ain't letting you go & I ain't setting you free, trapped in chains, entangled in ropes I… Continue reading Restrained in chains


The spark tears down skies, running down from place to place I try to hide, this scary T-shadow of mine piercing the valleys wide, transition of mine settles down, fancy meeting my T-stalker here, you ghost of mine wondering soul, you who makes me cry; I command you now, choosing wish, you banish from here… Continue reading T-storm

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

The sadness in my heart, swelling from the pain, slowly engulfing my muscles, paralyzing every cell, all inside shuts down & stays still, only hope left, is my forest would bloom again & have the died cells replaced, new sprouts blossom, new little ones, stronger they withstand cataclysm, rain & wind, storm & cloud, tornado… Continue reading What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger