Twin sisters

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Oh sister you living far away,

oh dear sister you who I miss,

you my twin forest,

who always sings,

my dear sky, who

always shines,

you my sweet moon

who lights my dark,

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you gloomy flower,

all by herself in a murky

world of her own,

the galaxy is yours,

I give you this key,

to keep you safe from

any harm in this place,

find the star, the star

that shines bright;

& pay the prize,

the boat will take you,

& you will meet the seven,

there find the guardian

of Light and Dark, Green & Blue,

Harm & True, Red for you…

Summon one to seven,

for you to find the Goddess of Love,

to find that that is you!


And for I your twin sister

would be waiting for you,

use the key, the key I gave you,

& open this Gate of prison,

set me free of my darkest thoughts,

surrounding branches would brake

for us to sit together one more day!

P.S. I’ll wait for you forever, wait on

that branchy tree we always sat together!

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