The lullaby of fears


I gaze up into the sky,

to find some kind of hope,

for all the mistakes I’ve done,

I hope you would forgive me,

I gaze up into the sun,

that warms up my heart

& melts away all my fears,

leaves my soul clear like the wind,

⌈blowing leaves, starry skies,

they sing to me…

⌈The song of fear hunts tonight,

we show the way,

& whistle you hear

will always lead you to the sunrise!

Take on hopes, take on dreams,

lay a path,

carve a scar,

& leave a wound!


⌈A white spider web,

entangles the living,

traps the hearts,

& shows he fears them too…

He says I’ll let you go,

so please do not struggle,

I”ll set you free from your doubts…

I let you go on a rocking boat,

travel rivers, travel roads;


I hope you find

what you’ re looking for!…

The door to Heaven will open to you!

Your love would be waiting,

waiting for you!…

P.S. Embrace yourself and travel

with the flow, for your fears

are holding you back!

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